Vanishing stack content

Rapidweaver 8.5.1; Stacks 3.6.9; MacOS Catalina 10.15.3

I’ve just opened my project after a number of months, and discovered that a number of the stacks on various Stacks pages have no visible content in Edit mode. (See screenshots below.) In Preview mode, the content is visible. But I now have no way to edit those containers. Has anybody experienced this? Solutions? Thanks!

You have collapsed the stacks, click the eyeball icon to show them again.

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Thanks, Scott, but the eyeball icon takes me to the Preview view of the site, which does indeed display all the content. But in Edit mode it looks like the screenshot, with no blue “i-in-the-circle” information button and no X to delete the stack. These are always present otherwise, when a stack is selected, as it is in the screenshot. All of the other stacks on the page are fully open, as selected in the View Mode (see screen shot below).


Not that one the Stacks one… what version of Stacks are you running?
did you try double click the stack title? Where it says two column

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AAaaahhh! I’m so stupid. Somehow the Show/Hide button got pushed. Thanks so much! (And I see the other eyeball now.)


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