Issues with page loading correctly


I am having issues figuring out how to fix the loading of my page.
It looks like the google anaylytics header text is coming up and slowing it down?
I’ve tried adding a 're-loading" stack" to the top of the page, but it just creates a blank page that sits there until the site loads instead of the spinning loading icon.
Also, trying to figure out how to lazy load the page since it is a single page scrolling site.
I am using Parallaxis by Archetyphon, not sure if it is conflicting with other stacks?

Here is my site:

Any help would be appreciated.


The page is 34MB. Which is about 32MB bigger than what you should aim for with a webpage. My own business website homepage is presently 2.5MB and even that is a bit porky. It could do with a slim down.

You have way too much content on a single page. You need to break that lot down into about half a dozen or so pages. And ensure all your media is fully optimised.


Thanks, but isn’t what lazy loading of a pre loading stack should help with?

That’s what I can’t get to work.

The site is large, but trying to work around it with lazy loading and pre-loading solutions.

Still not sure why the home page won’t load on its own at first instead of loading whole site.

Do you mean a pre-loader?

All that does is stop the page appearing in the browser until it’s all downloaded. On a 35MB page, that’s a bad idea.

I don’t understand what you mean about homepage loading first on a single page website. There is only one page, its all effectively the homepage.

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding you.

There is only one page as far as the browsers concerned.

I have a gigabit connection and it took close to 1.8 minutes to load. 50.7mb transferred.

You aslo have errors on the console.

Sorry, the way the site is built is by stack blocks. I have a home page block that is at the top of everything else. I was hoping to solve this with a lazy loader that would show what’s in the viewport while the rest of the site loads.

Right now, nothing is viewed while the site loads, trying to figure out a fix for that.

Thanks, not sure how to clear those errors. I am not doing anything out of the ordinary except for adding Google analytics, robot txt and Inspectlet. Those are in the header/body text.

@koob It takes forever to download your web page and I have a fast internet connection. As currently designed this isn’t going to work, obviously.

One thing I notice is you have a lot of videos and it seems almost all of those videos are things that are self-hosted. All would load much faster if the videos were stored at Vimeo or YouTube and you embedded them. Much faster.

On a few I see this message:

Media error: Format(s) not supported or source(s) not foundDownload File:

So those are some things to be fixed.

It might be worthwhile considering using multiple pages.

… but handling the videos in a more efficient manner is the key.

I think that is causing at least some of the errors. My approach would be to remove this to see if the errors go away.

Not sure what you mean here, what is it that is a “stack blocks”?

I think what he means is essentially treating the single page as sections, with each section only loading as it hits the viewport. So in terms of the “homepage”, in this context he’s meaning the first section. I think this is the idea?

I’m not sure RW is the tool for such a task, my guess is there is a lot of Javascript needed with such a project, and the entire page will need to be built “as-one”, so to speak, opposed to “blocks” of stacks. I dunno, it’s not a style of site I’ve ever built or ever looked at building.

Either way, I’d say @Mathew has nailed down the biggest issue, that being the videos. But even with sorting that out, the page is just far too big and needs splitting into separate pages with maybe a “regular” menu, as that one used at the moment is pretty nuts. Cool, in the right environment I’m sure, but for 99% users, it’s going to be very confusing (but that’s just a personal view).

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