Website preloaded?

Hi Ive finally built my gallery with filtering using Doobox Video Plus, Yabdab Filter, Weavers image protect, also s4s useful stack, …with 110 images with links to youtube and vimeo video.

it takes a while to load the page, sofar I’ve tried s4s slowloader,pageloader demo, and 1LD, Page flux, …

I end using Page Flux, but then realised it crashed out on my iPhone XS.

Is there a website preloader??? rather than a page or stack?,

I new to all this and I’m just building a personal website, I started with Muse, but stoped learning it when i heard it was EOL. Now I wish I’d discovered RW years ago, as i really like it, not sure it can handle heavy stuff?


Post a link to your site for folks to help :wink:

sorry i can’t its a private login…and confidential

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