Stacks missing upon 8.5 upgrade

OK, so this is salvageable as I have 2 machines and so I can copy them across. So it’s not a massive panic, but I think it’s worth mentioning this here incase it’s a bug.

I’ve upgraded to RW8.5 on both machines and on one of them all the stacks, apart from the in built ones have disappeared.
They show as missing in all projects and I can’t see them in Finder. They’re not in the trash so they’ve not been deleted, so I’m not sure where they’ve gone.

On the machine where everything is fine I keep addons on an external drive, but on my new one it’s still the default location, so this probably has something to do with it I guess.

Has anyone else had any issues at all?


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yes, I had the same problem and had to reinstall stacks on I machine

Just download a fresh copy of Stacks from Stacks 5 Plug-In – double-click to install and you’ll be good to go. :smiley:

If you need to find your serial number for secondary machine you can just go to YourHead Serial Lookup to find it (BTW: this link is at the bottom of every one of our webpages).

If reinstalling doesn’t seem to work it may be that you have more than one version of RapidWeaver on the machine. From time to time I see old versions in Downloads folders or other strange places getting launched and installing plugins somewhere strange.

You can always open RapidWeaver right from the Applications folder – then use it to open your RapidWeaver addons folder and install plugins by dragging them right into the addons folder. It’s a few more steps, but this direct approach makes sure the plugins are right where they need to be.


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