Stack not installed but it shows stacks v4.2.2

I recently pulled up my Rapidweaver 8 only to find I couldn’t use Stacks 3 anymore. (I haven’t used it in a while.) So I purchased the upgrade but I still can’t see my website project because it says “This stack is currently not installed. You need to reinstall it.” But it shows stacks on the library and says I have v4.2.2. And I don’t know what stacks I’m missing because it’s most of my pages. Please help!

It sounds to me like some of the 3rd party stacks that you used to have installed are no longer installed.

You options here are:

  • find your old Stacks folder from Stacks 3 days and move the stacks over (they should all still work – but some will undoubtably have a few updates)

  • find your original downloads and reinstall them from the originals

  • re-download them from the developers. if you need to you can contact the developer for the stacks that you’ve purchased previously and they can usually give you a new download link to re-download them again.

On modern projects when a stack goes missing, for whatever reason, then a tiny bit of info is saved about the stack – enough to tell you the name of the stack and how to get in touch with the developer.

However if your project is a few years old then there’s a chance that it’s from before the time Stacks started saving info. In that case clicking on the missing stack will just show “Stack Missing” and nothing more.

If there is info about the stack, it can help you to understand what’s missing and perhaps what to search for on your hard disk.

If there’s no info then I’m afraid there’s nothing to do be done but search for your originals or some records of your previous purchases.


Thanks Isaiah. I last used the program about a year ago when I first upgraded to RapidWeaver 8. Everything was fine then. I have found my info on the items I purchased to set up the original website and I have all of that reloaded. So I can’t figure out what I could be missing.

If you double click the item it will open the info-sidebar. What shows up there? Anything? Nothing?

Can you post a screenshot of what you see there? And what you see in the layout – perhaps it’s recognizable to others here.

I reloaded a bunch of things that I had already loaded and most of it seemed to have worked. However, there’s a couple of stacks that don’t. I’ve attached the screen shot of them to see if anyone can tell me what I’m missing. Thanks so much!

OK. Well there’s not much there to go on is there. Darn.

I think there are two remaining directions to go from here:

Direction 1 – More detective work

Assuming the file is not corrupt, if it were opened on a computer with the missing stacks installed, they should become visible.

So, I’d recommend sharing your project with me. The project file will be much too large to send through email so you will have to use a sharing service (some people like to use Dropbox). You can send me a link here or via private message, or via my customer support link:

And second, you should take a few more screenshots. Hopefully covering as many of the missing items as possible (although I assume it is probably just a few stacks that are missing – used in a number of places)

Since I think I have nearly every stack (though usually not installed all at once – there are a lot of them) I should be able to get a bit more info for you.

At least in theory. I’m beginning to worry that perhaps there has been some data corruption to your file however. In that case I can only offer Direction 2…

Direction 2

It’s always tough to tell when there’s a few pieces missing. But were these pages still a work in progress?

If the pages were a work in progress it might be easiest just to replace these parts and move on.

There’s no harm in deleting these elements from the layout and replacing them with whatever it you’d like to go in those spaces.

You could even save a copy of the project. So if, at some later time you discover or remember what belongs there you can recover any of your deletions simply by opening the backup and dragging over any deleted items.

I think if it were my project, I’d be highly motivated to just move on – but I’m usually impatient with roadblocks like this. However if your patience is greater than mine, I’d be happy to take a look through the project on my machine and see if I can make a few matches.

Isaiah, I have to say I’m impressed with your follow up! Thank you!

I’ve done a work around for some of it but the part I haven’t figured out yet is where I am using the FontAwesome icons to say to follow us on Facebook, Instagram etc. Do you have a suggestion what might affect that?

Thanks again for all you’ve been doing!

I don’t have any suggestion, I’m afraid. To offer more, I’d have to see the project file myself – as I suggested in the first option. If you’d like to go that route, just let me know.

Also: I’m usually a bit slower to respond to support on weekends. But I’ll get to it very soon. :slight_smile:


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