Has anyone heard from Doobox lately?

One of my guys purchased a group of 5 stacks from Doobox for a project a few weeks ago and one of them was a duplicate of a stack we had already purchased from them a few months ago.

I tried to contact Gary at Doobox about exchanging that duplicate stack for a different one that was the same price. We’ve sent 3 emails to Doobox over the course of 2 1/2 weeks but have not received any reply from them at all.

Very surprised and I’m wondering whether something’s happened to them.

Has anyone heard from them lately?



Far as I know all is well their end.

doobox has started a ‘slack’ channel - I can’t give you a link as it’s personalised - try Google.

Not really messed with it yet but it seems to be the way they want to contact with users…

Have emailed Doobox also to check in on this.

Hi there @cyclingone

Not been away at all.
I can see just 2 emails by searching for “silky”.
The second is your repeated attempt to get a response to the first (I had already responded, but responded again anyway.)
Your clearly not receiving my responses at the address you supplied. barry@

Things that can go wrong :

You supply an incorrect email address when first filling in our support form.
Our replies are caught in your spam folders.
You contacted any other address of ours other than support@ (I only read every mail in support@ box).
Your abusive in your email(clearly not the case here).

Ways to contact, follow, and generally stay up to date with Doobox :

Email - support@doobox.co.uk
Slack channel self invite - https://www.doobox.co.uk/slack/index.html
Newsletter signup - https://www.doobox.co.uk/subscribe/index.html
Twitter - http://twitter.com/doobox

Thanks for all the replies. Gary from Doobox contacted me shortly after I posted here. Seems our emails had crossed paths and apparently we had been missing each other’s emails out there is Cyberspace. Anyway, he took care of the situation and all is fine. Doobox does have some fine stacks, and I’m glad nothing was wrong with him or Doobox…good people…Great stacks!




Ive just noticed you page and you have one of your magellan marker id’s set to SiteCreation/Remodel. Characters other than normal alphanumerics are not permitted in Foundation marker id’s and will cause an javascript error, as you have on your page.

MagicGellan allows you to add the menu names separately for exactly this reason so that you can have whatever you like appearing in the menu without fouling up the marker id.

The other thing I noticed is that for some reason the fixed z-index is not getting applied to MagicGellan. This may be a result of the Foundation magellan code bombing on your marker or may be a bug caused by a strange combination of settings. If the latter is the case I will fix it quickly for you. In the meantime though you can stop the gallery going in front of the menu by adding the following CSS
.mag-fixed{ z-index:1001!important}


Thanks for the advice. Fixed the .js error with your suggestion. I was under the impression that even though I was using MagicGellan for the menu bar, but was using Magellan Markers for the titles in the bar that no spaces were allowed in the Magellan Markers. Thanks again.

But that didn’t take care of the gallery and also the video going in front of the menu bar so I did what you
suggested and added the .css code and now they both look fine.

Everything is now copacetic. Thanks for taking the time…


Yes, if you are using conventional markers then it is alphanumeric only and no spaces. The magic marker stack with MagicGellan has an additional input for the menu text so that you can have the menu text appear with spaces etc. Magic Markers also have a few other nice features such as offsets for fine tuning the “landing” position so it may be worth looking at them.

I will take a look at the z-index issue in the stack as the fixed bar should get that z-index by default.

Using Magellan Markers, the navigation in MagicGellan works fine in both Safari and Chrome with spaces in the section titles, but not in Firefox. In FF spaces in the navigation titles don’t allow the nav to work in a one page foundation site. Or atleast not mine. I’ve tried Magic Marker, but haven’t figured out how to use it in place of Magellan Markers. Any advice you or anyone else can give would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Barry

Magellan Markers do not support spaces period - you are lucky it works in any browser.

Magic Markers work exactly the same as the Magellan Markers except that you have, in addition to the marker id (no spaces etc), the Menu Text setting - this is the text that will get displayed in the MaglicGellan menu when it is set to Auto generate. I’m not sure whether you have it on auto but you should do.

In addition, the Magic Markers have a setting to enable a drop zone. With this you can put the content for that markers section inside the marker stack itself - the only advantage of this is that you can move page content around in blocks and the menu (when on auto) will adjust to reflect the revised order without messing around with the menu code. It is what it says - totally automatic.

The only other setting in Magic Markers is the offset control. This allows you to “nudge” the landing position of that marker up or down. This can be useful to avoid content going under the menu bar or simply to fine tune the appearance. It is all described on the demo site page which is also available to download from the main BWD site.


You are the man. Thanks very much for the quick lesson. Now our new site is working perfectly. Or as perfect as I can make it playing with some of the new stacks we’re trying out.

Thanks again…


My pleasure, any time :smile:

Gary - Please see my emails regarding Map 2, situation is becoming a bit critical for me. Thank you


This is a 4 year old post.

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Map 2 has now been updated to v1.1.4.

Apparently a Map 2 user used Doobox’s Google Maps API and Doobox was subsequently billed hundreds.


You are replying to a 4-tear-old post…

Multiple posts don’t help only confuse folks.

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