Doobox support or lack of it

(S)lack of support from Doobox!!
Doobox is trying to use Slack for support.
I find it impossible to navigate and very intrusive.
Install this, activate that…I just want an answer!

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I really don’t like Slack either. I don’t find it intuitive and don’t like the way you have to have multiple sign ons for different channels. Bah. However, to get support from a dev you have to use their chosen means of communicating and if @Doobox uses Slack and you want to use their products, I guess you have to do the same. Unless someone here can help?

P.S. There is a support form on the Doobox website…

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Hi there,

I’v just found your support ticket, you sent yesterday at 4:45 GMT. (25 hours ago now).
Your message:
“What happened to Eternity stack?”

I can’t always reply to support as quickly as I’d like to. Often I reply within seconds if I’m at the Mac. But often it may be a couple of days. I’m a busy boy (Developing is no longer my sole profession).

Slack is not our support channel. Email submitted from the support page is.
Slack was setup a few years ago, as an alternative option to find help while you wait for a support reply.
The auto response mail you receive when submitting a support request states that:
“What not try our slack channel while you wait”.
In the hope that like minded Members of our Slack channel could help each other out.
It’s stagnant though, and I will likely lose it ASAP.

Receiving another email less than 24 hours from your support ticked yesterday (“What happened to Eternity stack?”), raising threats of a forum visit to slate Doobox unless you are answered immediately.
Just 15 minutes before you came here to , and I quote “bitch”, you emailed:

“Please respond to my email!
Next step is to go the forum and bitch…a lot!!”

Please correct me if I’m missing something here, but to sum up:

  1. You sent a vague support ticked less than 24 hours before this post:
    “What happened to Eternity stack?”
    How should I know what your issue is from that message when I got to it?

  2. You don’t receive a response for 22.5 hours, and you come to the forum in an attempt to hurt my business.?

PLEASE: If you have an issue that you think is related directly to one of our stacks. From our support page, submit a request, with some detail that will give me at least some clue how I can possibly help you.
And DO expect NOT to be answered within the hour.


I’ve always found Gary to be very helpful, once I had a problem bought a stack from Doobox didn’t quite do what I wanted yet within a day of asking for help Gary not only helped but did a few updates to make my solution not only do what I wanted but more besides. We’re all busy but I have always found Gary brilliant in helping out! Please try to be patient!


Trumpy behaviour. Some clients think, when they bought the Stack the eveloper is included.

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Yikes! Please remind me to never become a developer, lol.

I have bought stuff off Gary for many years now. I have never had issues with his support either.

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Me neither. Good Stacks. Good support. :partying_face:


Doobox stacks are some of my favorites. Always get good help from Gary when needed. Thanks Gary.


I think this thread title is unfair on @doobox

Just my experience but I’ve bought over 20 individual stacks from him over the years and have never had a problem communicating.

On the very few occasions I had a question or problem he replied very quickly when I contacted him via his Support page. He’s a good developer and I’d recommend the stacks he sells.


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