Its not always a Rapidweaver problem!

I hope this post will help some people out there as I am always seeing posts lately that point the blame at Rapidweaver when in fact its anything but.
I describe myself as a novice with about 40 active customer websites. I have used Rapidweaver for about 5 years now and have honestly not really had many problems at all with any version of Rapidweaver or any add ons/stacks etc. I ALWAYS problem solve things myself first and I am very proud that I am not a techie/expert but approach things in a logical manner. This came about after watching a really useful and short video made by Joe Workman The Basics of Troubleshooting Designs In Rapidweaver and this applies to most scenarios.
It goes without saying to ALWAYS update your software versions (including OSX/Windows/Linux) to the latest versions.
One observation I do have is that any problems I get (often the same as that reported on here) are immediately after a Rapidweaver upgrade, spinning beachballs, won’t upload to server etc. All I do is be patient and after about 24hrs the same problems have disappeared!. I relate this to the vast amount of configurations/compatibility issues there may be with third party add ons and the fact that Rapidweaver (Im not a techie remember and only using logic!) has to possibly spend a lot of time re-configuring itself after an upgrade to all things that are dotted about your system.
Another observation I have is that your server/host also plays a big part in how Rapidweaver works. Again I often get publishing issues only to find my host (1&1) have changed something, in my case they decided to use ‘SFTP’ instead of ‘FTP’ so just changing the ‘Publishing Method’ in Rapidweaver solved this very irritating problem.
I know we all have a very busy lifestyle and the slightest ‘glitch’ can raise the stress levels instantly but believe me watch the Joe Workman video above and realise that its not always a Raidweaver problem…


Agreed. Joe’s troubleshooting video and @tav’s presententation at the Weaverspace Conference last year are both goldmines of information. The approaches they’ve outlined have helped me to solve loads of problems.

Good video. It is refreshing to see structured methodology (logic) rediscovered in troubleshooting. And, yes, work on a copy of the project, not the original! Thanks Joe.

This video shows – what I would presume – everybody does as their first steps in troubleshooting. Nothing profound or inspiring about it, just a common sense…

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Agreed but often I think the first response is a panicked ‘this doesn’t work - help!’

A number of Weaver “problems” could be solved by simply standing up, going outside and taking a walk. Maybe a fresh glass on orange juice, pattially frozen? Yeah.

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from hype via flux I’ve ended up with rapidweaver in 2013 and have to admin that I’ve never run into unexpected issues. In these 3 years I’ve worked with RW5, RW6 and RW7 and created 30+ websites. I do not say that there weren’t issues - and I was angry about lack of active FTP support in RW6 cause one of my customer had one with active FTP - but this was nothing unexpected and I could use Transmit to upload this particular web manually. I love RW, the community and the ecosystem around it. Without all the nice plugins, themes and Foundation I couldn’t work. So lets get back all to work and make great websites :wink: