RW has publish change/upload tracking problems

I have been using RW latest version for about a month now, and have experienced repeatedly that it has bugs in the area of tracking which pages have been changed, need to be uploaded on next publish, or uploading the pages that need to be, not reuploading pages, doing all when you say all.

I could go into details on how I arrived at these conclusions, but I’m not interested in recounting, story telling, how I arrived at these conclusions… suffice it to say I have uploaded many times, made changes, uploaded again, and not gotten the right things done by RW.

I have found that if I delete all files on the server, and republish all files twice, I’m good to go, but I do have to do it twice sometimes…

Making changes and publishing just the changed files is unreliable.

I love RW but this part is a bit buggy. Perhaps this is already known. One thing that would make it sweet would be if that it would look for a file on the server, see it’s edit date, if RW contains the same edit date, dont upload it, if RW contains a later date, then it’s been edited, and needs to be uploaded, if it did that reliably, that would be a good improvement on it’s haphazard seeming ways of judging which files to upload.

But whatever, I’m getting by by deleting and uploading all twice

If somehow I’m wrong about all this, please forgive the post. If I should email somebody instead of reporting bugs here, sorry about the post.

Das Goravani

There are some bugs in stacks pages that aren’t marking a page as changed when a change occurs (multiple select stacks being edited). There’s a bug report filed.

Never seen the need to publish twice problem. When you publish the first time, are there any errors? If not can we recreate the problem? That would be one to report to RealMac.

The concept of looking at edit dates from the server and comparing them to the project probably won’t be easy at all the way RapidWeaver is architected. RapidWeaver doesn’t store the files that are published anywhere. They get generated with each publish and preview.

If you’re looking for that kind of syncing process then you might try publishing to a local folder and using a stand-alone ftp app like transmit. It has that sync built in. Although I find it slow, comparing each and every file.

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Sounds more like a server issue. Who is your server and have you tried updates with an FTP client and see if the same issues occur.
I have a friend that uses Fat Cow for a server and his changes don’t show up for hours. I use Host Gator and all my changes show up instantly!

RW doesn’t know or care what is on the server. It keeps track of changes in the project file.
No need to delete the pages from the server. (Unless you remove a page).

Just an FYI, you can right click on any page and publish just that page, or mark it as changed. You can set all pages as changed(or unchanged) in the file menu.

These things will help speed things up while the bug is being addressed.

Are you certain that the inconsistencies you’re seeing are not due to your browser cache or other cache services like Cloudflare (if you’re using it)?

If you have completely removed the files from the web server and republished all files and RW finishes the publish without error, then there shouldn’t be any reason to publish again. If you run into this issue, find the name from one of the missing items from your web browser and then use an FTP app to check if the item is actually there or not. It it’s there, then RW did it’s job.

If you don’t know how to verify these things, then post here next time this happens with a link to a page and a description of what’s missing/wrong. We’ll be able to check if files are actually missing from the server.

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I posed this thread originally. Just want to say that I’ve been using RW daily and haven’t had these issues for some days now… I can’t say what did it to me when it happened… but for example, I did a publish all files, re publish, and then changed a page or two, when I went to publish those it began to republish all files again, and the reason at all that I notice this is that I have some hefty files in resources… software downloads… one is 1.5 gigs, so they take time to upload… that’s why I would notice… no change to them… they were already uploaded… since that time, I’ve become familiar mores with RW… now I realize that once I put those files in resources folder on my server, I can remove them from RW completely, so my backups are smaller, uploads don’t re upload them by chance, etc. I want to say I’m NOT having any problems anymore… nowadays, RW uploads only the right files all the time and uploads are therefore quick and efficient. Thanks. Thread closed in my opinion.

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