iTunes Channel image much too large

For iTunes i add an channel image.jpg with the size of 238 KB, after publishing there is only a image.png with the huge size of 1,8 MB. For iTunes the image must be smaller than 512 KB.
Why is RW not using the original .jpg???

link please

May be Dan can answer the question.

The URL you pointed to has about a dozen images on the page – so it’s tough to know which one you’re interested in. No image on the page is close to 512K. The largest image I could find was 203K:

If an image is large (in dimensions) then RW may store a scaled version of the image more appropriate for the web. Usually this results in a smaller image, but not always.

If the imported image was very well compressed, and RW doesn’t scale it very much, then the resulting image might be bigger (in bytes).

You can disable this feature and have RW leave your images untouched. The setting for that is in the General preferences:

I can give you more specific information about a specific image – but you’ll have to provide a bit more info:

  • which image on the page are you referring to - linking directly to the image will ensure we’re seeing exactly what you’re seeing.
  • you should also share the original image (zip it, and then share it with Dropbox or a similar service, this will ensure we can see the original image untouched by browsers, or web servers)
  • the version of RapidWeaver, macOS, and the plugin you’re using (if you’re using one on this page)
  • if you have the setting i mentioned above enabled – “resize larger images” – and what size you have entered.

The more detail you provide the more we can help out. :smiley:


This only affects the itunes channel picture. This is just because I tested the Podcast feed here:
Podcast Validator
The itunes channel image should have a size of 1400x1400.
Using RW 8 OS 10.13.6

To make it a little bit easier for you, here is a litte movie.
Sorry for my bad english!

Ah, I see. Yes, the image that’s exported as the iTunes channel image is converted to a PNG. And PNG images that are 1400 x 1400 are always going to be quite large. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to change that.

This seems unexpected, so I think I would probably call it a bug.

For those doing the research here’s some details I was able to scavenge:

Here’s the image as it’s linked via the meta tags and is still a JPEG 234KB:

Here’s the image that’s linked via the feed xml, converted to PNG (1.8MB): Seite nicht gefunden

Here’s the link to the podcast xml: Auf den Hund gekommen!

I can reproduce this behavior in RapidWeaver v8.1b 20376b

// @dan @tpbradley


Thank you !

Which begs the question; If you start with a png instead of a jpg, does it still grow?

I tried that with a 696 kb .png and after publishing it was 765 kb!! It still grows, but .png
files with 1400x1400 are too large, we need the much smaller .jpg.
So this this is a bug,hopefully changed to 8.1 release.

Is this bug fixed in 8.1 Beta 8 (Build 20385b )?

No, but it’ll be fixed before the final 8.1 release :+1:
Thanks for reporting it, by the way!


@UltimateJim RapidWeaver 8.1 Public Beta 9 (Build 20446b)

Please keep me updated with how you get on.

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