Photo Export Errors

(Bertrand Kan) #1

I’m not a regular RW user and am just getting back to updating a few websites that I had created some time ago in RW5. I just want to add some new photos and it keeps on coming up with an error message: Error exporting image thumbnail for [filename].JPG (Could not create image exporter).

I have added many photos to these websites before and never had this error. What causes this? And how can I resolve it? Your help is much appreciated!

(LJ) #2

need a bit more info - how are you adding new photos? Are you using a plug in or regular RW page? Which ones?

(Bertrand Kan) #3

I’m adding them on the regular RW page. These photos are around 5-6 MB each. What else would you like to know? I’m not doing anything particularly complicated, so I’m confused why it doesn’t work this time around.

(Bertrand Kan) #4

I’m adding them through a regular photo album page.

(LJ) #5

5-6mb is way too big. Not sure this is the problem but could be. For most web purposes - large picture size of around 250Kb should be enough.

Aside from this - you are still using RW5 yes?

(Bertrand Kan) #6

Thanks for your thoughts. I wondered about that, but I have not had a problem with other jpg files of that size in the same website. Maybe it’s cumulative? I have also just reduced the quality of the photos and even at 250 KB the problem still occurs.

I’m also puzzled by the fact that the error message indicates that the problem concerns the image thumbnail. When I add the photo to the RW album and before I ‘render’, the image thumbnail seems just fine.

Yes, I am still using RW5. I only use it to update a few simple websites and haven’t upgraded as my needs are quite limited. Would an upgrade be likely to make a difference?

(LJ) #7

I have just set up a new project in RW5.4.1 (made me very nostalgic!) and all works perfectly on the photo page. This is with Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.6. If you are using High Sierra there may be an incompatibility - I don’t know.

Would definitely make sure you have RW 5.4.1 - from memory earlier versions of RW5 were not stable in more recent operating systems. You should be able to download from here:

(Bertrand Kan) #8

Thanks very much for all your help and inputs, LJ. I still couldn’t make it work so I upgraded and, after making a few adjustments, it’s now working the way it should and the website is back up and running. I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this annoying little problem. All the best.

(LJ) #9

Glad you got it sorted - worth the upgrade and of course keeping up to date keeps things better supported

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