🗣I've missed the Questions, let's bring them back! Ask away…

Last few shows we’ve had no user questions. I’ve kinda missed them.

So ask away…

Well answer these when we record this weeks show on Wednesday 3rd February.

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I was thinking the same thing the other day. Happy to hear the questions segment will be returning.

Don’t worry, I’ll behave myself. :wink:

haha, good to hear it, and do ask away…

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The Okay, I’ve got one I think would be relevant to most people.

How skilled are you in maintaining a work/life balance? What are some techniques that have and/or haven’t worked for you?

This might be a topic for a podcast down the road (closer to the 7 launch, probably) but, until this latest podcast, I hadn’t realized that there was a new Realmac site on the way (and built by Rapidweaver). I’d be interested in a little bit of the insight into developing the new site - any interesting workarounds you did; any ‘revelations’ about the software that you hadn’t noticed before, whether any of your experiences helped shape some of the features in 7, etc.

I don’t know what you’re allowed to talk about and what needs to be kept secret but I think it’d be interesting…

If that IS a question for a later date, one for this podcast might be: what is your favorite and least favorite trend among rapidweaver sites that you see coming through the Gallery (or just ‘out in the wild’ in general).

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I second @jabostick’s question.