😱 Questions for our anniversary show!

Hello Weavers :slight_smile:

We’ll be recording episode 52 of The RapidWeaver Show next week! It’ll be the last show before we take an extended break.

So, if you have a question about RapidWeaver, the podcast, or anything else, comment here and we’ll include it on next weeks show :slight_smile:

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That word “extended” before break concerns me, It’s unclear if listening to reruns will stop the onset of PWS. - Frightening

But to be fair you guys deserve a break, just not to long… remember you do have fans!


I really enjoy the show, great banter but lots of useful info too. As a long time user, I’d fallen into the habit of using Rapidweaver the way I always had and I was missing many of the new functions that I only discovered by listening to the show.

You both deserve a break, but we’ll miss you :sunglasses:


What’s this “you deserve a break” business?! I’ll not be haven’ it, no break, have Nik and Tom fill in for you while you take a break, you guys code and then come back when you decide that coding is not for you.

If you could explain how to use RapidWeaver in the next show and how to get those classic themes back I really miss them. I’m also struggling to understand this FTP thing built into RapidWeaver.

To be real I would love to hear you guys talk about CSS and why some themes seem to override CSS put in Master Code Settings under CSS with !important and it doesn’t seem to do anything.

I am also having issues with several themes overriding links made in the text stack. I guess in short I would like to understand what the developers are doing a little better when they make theme files and how that is integrating to RapidWeaver. For the most part it seems I can’t really shift between themes all that well and have things translate as well as it did in… dare I say it iWeb. Of course that wasn’t open to everyone and had a whole bunch of other issues I no longer have to deal with using RapidWeaver.

We’re recording tomorrow, so get your question in today before it’s too late! :smiley:

Thanks for all the laughs, knowledge, and all around good time. This has been a great Season One. I look forward to seeing what the future hold when the Beaver and Bison return. :slight_smile:

My final questions for this season are;

What has been the greatest lesson you have learned though the production of this podcast?

Also, if you could change anything, would you?

Cheers for your ears!

Upon further reflection I realize I have one more question;
If you were to take the http://animalinyou.com quiz now, would you still be a beaver and a bison?

If you have changed animals, what experiences do you think may have impacted you the most and resulted in this change?


Let’s see, SInce it’s the (1 year /52 week) anniversary show.

  1. How about a look back at the highlights and a look forward on what is to come. And while your at it, How about an update on Typed.com - The Silence is Deafening.

  2. What do you think is the most important update/feature in RW7.xxx

  3. What will Jabostick be do’n in your off season, does he fish? I’ll bet he is a noodle’r

I hope you guys won’t be off the air for to long, I look forward to that Friday afternoon Podcast break- always entertaining and informative.


I enjoy listening to the podcast and I find it quite helpful to learn about new add ons and the user questions. The podcast format is good as I can listen to it while doing something else. As compared to a long video where I have to be at my computer and focusing on it. I’ve been a user since version 5 but never really sat down and went through all the teaching videos i just figured it out as I went along.

I fell into website design as it was too expensive and cumbersome to be constantly hiring someone to design and redesign my website so I learned to do it myself. As such I’m probably doing things inefficiently. I was wondering if you could do a best practice session particularly on how to deal with image heavy websites. How to prepare your images for the web, best compression software, file formats etc. I’m wondering about how people organize their files to be able to quickly retrieve their images for reworking their sites.

Some ideas for future shows: Continuing on the best practice idea, how to build a website correctly right from the start.

How to use the master style correctly

you could take a different feature of RW each week and do a explanation of its uses and then systematically work your way through all the different features.

I also think a website critique would be helpful where users could submit their site for review and you could discuss what they did right and what could be improved and how they could do that.

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Here it is folks, the season one finale of The RapidWeaver Show http://rapidweavercommunity.com/podcasts/the-rapidweaver-show/52

Enjoy :slight_smile:


That was an impressive mix there, @skillet!

Congrats on 52, @dan and @ben. Looking forward to what you have planned next.

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Thanks you too!

Here’s a direct link to the under 4 minute radio edit

Here’s a link to the 7:11 minutes mix they played at the end of the show.

Well there is no show yesterday or today, looks like the break is for real.

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Jabo you there? Jokes :wink:

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