iWeb to Rapid Weaver

I hear Rapid Weaver was easy and since I am an ex-iWeb user I wanted to know how to transfer my iWeb pages into Rapid Weaver. I searched and saw a webpage Rapid Weaver Classroom but I think it is not associated with the Real Rapid Weaver. https://www.rapidweaverclassroom.com/iwebtorw.html
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

There are plenty of discussions on here about moving across from iWeb to Rapidweaver. Just search for iWeb and they’ll come up in a list. Have a read through and then come back if you have any specific questions.

One thing to be clear about from the start, there isn’t a way of opening your iWeb site in Rapidweaver.


Thank you. I didn’t notice the search function in the page so I am able to look at the other post.

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