Thinking of replacing existing Website with Rapid Weaver - what should I know?

We have a small business website (one page with text/photos and you can click on the email address to send us an email) that a family member created/uploaded for us.

I would like to use Rapid Weaver to create a replace the existing page, can you tell me what I would need to purchase/obtain/check to make sure that I can do this please? I’m a complete website novice and have read a few articles but am getting lost with whether I just need Rapid Weaver.

Some of the questions I have are:

Will I easily be able to make sure the website is mobile friendly? (this is the main reason for changing the website)?
Will my existing domain name/web hoster work with my new page(s) - is there anything I need to check?
If we take our own photos - do we need to purchase a programme to enhance them?
Do I need to purchase a programme to remove the old pages before I upload the new ones?

I’ve had a quick look at the tutorials and other questions and could probably work my way through slowly, but wondered if there is anything I should be aware of before I start. I’ve got a week booked off work at the end of March and would like to sit down and have a go, but (1) I would like to make sure I have all of the info I need in place and (2) would like to make sure I can make a mobile friendly site and (3) that the cost of purchasing everything won’t outweigh the cost of getting a professional to do everything.

Thanks very much for any help you can give.

I think you should also check out websites like udemy and skillshare, they will really help. I designed my beginner skateboard guide website after learning Wordpress on Udemy.

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Can you share the URL of your existing page? Rapidweaver comes with a selection of themes which are responsive and I think you can still use the free version to create a fully working three page site.

Depending on what you want your page to look like, it might not cost you anything!


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I would agree with @SteveB in that you’re probably going to need or want to purchase addons to make a good site in RapidWeaver. How much depends on what kind of site you’re looking for.

You certainly can make a very simple site like the one you’ve described with RapidWeaver out of the box. You can also spend quite a bit of money on plugins, themes and stacks and build complex sites.

Yes, RapidWeaver has both built in(included)and addon(separate purchase) responsive themes that would work well with any size screen.

The existing domain name should work without any issues. The web hosting company more than likely will work as well. You might find that if you post here who the hosting company is, there’s probably someone on the forum that might be using them.

You can use any photos or images you would like to, assuming you have a right to use them(copyright). There are a lot of free options for optimization of images for web publishing. They deal mostly with sizing and compression to speed up loading. Of course there’s also a lot of paid apps that due that as well.

No, most hosting companies have utilities like a file manager that will let you do that built into your control area. If not there are a couple of free FTP apps that can do this.

So you can build a pretty nice site out of the box with RapidWeaver, or you can get very complicated designs with lots of additional add on’s and costs.
You can easily spend hundreds of dollars, so I would recommend you go slow at least until you have gotten the hang of RapidWeaver.
You can always come here on the forum and ask questions.

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I would only add that you’ll want to ensure your web server runs PHP. Although not essential (I know from experience) - pretty much all of the things we do with RapidWeaver runs with PHP. It’s possible, though not probable, that your relative built your site with some (horrible) asp.NET product.

And, as Doug mentioned, if you get stuck, please post back here. We’re a welcoming bunch of people who like to help. A URL (almost) always helps.

Good luck! Dave

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Hello and welcome. In your post you said that current site is one page and you wanted to “re-create” that page. Are you planning to expand the site any or do you plan to keep it at one page?

If you are keeping it at one page there are most likely people here that will build that page for you for less than the cost of buying RapidWeaver. (If you haven’t purchased it yet). Maybe… not sure… Can you give a url of the current page?

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Thank you, and thanks to everyone for responding. A lot to think about.

To be able to do it for free would be great. Rob, here is our current page

This is another organisation’s website, that is mobile friendly (we don’t need as many pages) and I like how it appears on my iPhone.

Many thanks again, appreciate all the replies.

try mobirise 4 or mobirise amp its free for commercial use

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Had a quick look at the website and you can definitely build a very nice and responsive website to replace it. Would recommend you purchase Rapidweaver and also Stacks 3 by YourHead.

I can’t read or write code but have been using Rapidweaver since version 5 and it is an excellent tool for building websites.

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