JavaScript Error Found... anyone knows this?

Hi all, I get this message in RW when viewing my homepage that I am building now.! Schermafbeelding 2021-02-16 om 16.23.28|690x189
Anyone knows wat the variable “fitty” is?
I use the add-on Fit Text on this page, but I can’t find the term “fitty” anywhere.

Do you have a URL?

No, the site is not ready and not online yet… Can you read the message I got?

That’s not a true JS error message, but something a stack is producing. Impossible to debug without seeing the console log.

Fitty is from Fit Text as far as I know.

Does Fit Text work in preview as expected?

As far as I see, yes it works. Not at my Mac at this moment… will look at it later.
Thanks so far for the reply, I’ll keep in touch.

Live URLs are always good to supply if you have the page published. We can help you much faster. :slight_smile:

One thing to try is a republish all files as well.

I do understand, but I am still working on the new site, and much to do. And in the mean time I keep my present site ( live, otherwise I have nothing to offer online.

Fitty is on line 38.
Does this mean something to someone?

That’s just the javascript being loaded. It won’t help to debug the problem.

For someone to help with the error they’ll need a live URL, it could be a test page or you could set up a test subdomain on your server.

Hi all,
It’s gone! I removed Fit Text from the text columns and then applied Fit Text again. Now I get no Error alert. The term “fitte” is still on line 38. I don’t know what it is or where it points to. Anyone an idea?
Hope the Error alert won’t return…

I think the best way forward is to work directly one-on-one with the author of the fit-text stack. Perhaps in a private chat you can supply the developer a test-url that could help them identify the problem.

My guess is that some part of the setup of the stack was problematic. Perhaps a setting was switched to something that didn’t work with the content or even just a typo of entering a space in front of a number or a too-big or too-small number something like that. Deleting and re-adding would go back to the default settings and perhaps correct the issue. But this is only a “WAG” Wild-A**-Guess at the problem.

The details of the answers and solutions will definitely increase with as the details of the problem increase. Screenshots of error messages is not very much to go on, I’m afraid. :slight_smile:

To go further the dev will likely need to see the problem happening on their machine inside a debugging environment that let’s them watch the bug happen in slow motion, one step at a time.

I think the deleting and re-adding solved the problem. Sorry, I can’t go live yet, because the pages are far from ready and it would delete my old Dreamweaver site which I need for the time being.
Thanks for all the replies, the helpfull attitude and advises!

You could setup a sub-domain, with the right precautions such as no follow / no index rules, which would allow you to publish to your server and test properly before publishing to your ‘main’ domain.

It could also be password peotected to stop general access.

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