Mixed content errors? I have no clue

Well, I was just informed recently by Will Woodgate that I have all sorts of errors showing on his dev console on the site I have built and been maintaining a while now: www.metacog.com I have been using RapidWeaver for years but this I have no clue on why it’s happening. Any of the resident geniuses care to take a look? One of my coworkers just brought this up also ;^)

If you click on the URLs in the error message that start with Loading mixed display content, you can find those resources in your project and update the URL to have https. For example: this one and this one.

The error about Failed to execute ‘postMessage’… I’m not totally sure about that one. Are you trying to iFrame something in from YouTube by any chance? And maybe youtube doesn’t allow that?

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Oh, VERY COOL!!! Thanks for the advices on that one Jason. I’m not sure but I think one of the stacks does iFrame on YouTube videos. Will take a look at that…

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