Syntax errors on website?

Hi everyone, I’m very puzzled and was hoping that someone here might be able to shed some light on a problem we’re having.

I built a website for a client with Foundation. My colleague (who specializes in SEO) said that Google disabled our ads because of a number of syntax errors on the site (here’s an example page:

When I visit that page, I don’t see any syntax errors in the inspector…but my colleague checked the exact same page and found a ton of errors.

So why is he seeing all of these errors, but why am I not seeing them? And is there a resource out there that can help me fix these errors? I’ve never had this problem with Foundation before

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Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Start with the first one, seems you have some issue with firmloom.
It appears that Most of the other have to do with his chrome browser extensions.
I’ll have a look when I get to my computer tomorrow and see if I can spot any other specifics.

Thanks Scott! I’m so stumped.

But you’re right, it looks like a lot of the syntax errors are coming from his Chrome extensions…

As @swilliam said, most of the errors on that screenshot are related to some (probably out of date) Chrome extensions. You should probably start by disabling all chrome extensions as they just muddy the water and make it more difficult to tell if the errors are real or ghosts created by the extensions.

I looked at the page in question. There are two errors (in Safari).

These errors come from something that is trying to load content from “”. My guess would be that some part of this page, or something that you’re loading onto this page, is not configured with your real URL but instead still has the default “mysite” URL.

In Chrome there are different sorts of errors, they point to FormLoom and a URL that has “(null)” in it. So my guess would be that some part of the FormLoom content on this page is not working correctly.

I would do a once-over through the FormLoom settings to see if anything stands out as obviously amiss.

A next step would be to make a dummy page with MUCH less on it. Try to remove all analytics, other scripts, etc. Finding bugs is like looking for a needle in a haystack – the quickest way to find the needle is to make the haystack smaller. :smiley:

If you don’t find anything, then I’d probably contact FormLoom support.


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Saw that you mentioned me… looks like @swilliam and @isaiah got you covered though!

Thanks Isaiah! I will do the things you suggested. I really appreciate your help and Scott’s help!

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