Joe Workman Black Friday Sale - 51% OFF EVERYTHING


You are invited to the biggest sale that the RapidWeaver community has ever seen. You can save 51% OFF our entire store. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Enjoy the savings!

More details -


You tweeted that you were hoping to impress. I’m impressed and will be spending later tonight/tomorrow.

Will probably pick up Foundation and email to use with Sendy maybe.

Would be interested in others’ plans.

I tried to purchase the FOUNDATION BUNDLE. Impossible. I cannot add it to the chart. Message: The item is no longer available. I can’t believe it!

Can you provide the exact link/page you used? I’m trying and I have no problem with the 3 sets of stacks (bottom of pager). But, you are right the “bundle” does seem to not be addable. I’m not positive but this may not be an item anymore (i.e. it may have been removed awhile ago).

But see attached. I can get the 3 together for a good price. It’s only about $9 more than you thought you’d spend. I’m sure if there’s an error (beyond the bundle being taken off the market) that Joe will reimburse you the difference: after Thanksgiving Day!

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Hi Mathew, thanks, it did it as you recommended. Thanks for the quick solution! Best regards

Just been to buy the same bundle and it doesn’t seem to be there. I suspect that Joe has taken it off so that his stuff’s not discounted twice.

Sorry for the issues with the Foundation bundle. I will get that fixed tonight.

It’s still Friday here, but the offer is only coming up as cyber monday?

Hey @jabohn I have messaged Joe but he is not around right now. I will try to let you know when he fixes it.

Fixed. Sorry. I will leave the sale going a few extra hours…


Was this announced at Completely missed it… got no email either, would have bought stuff for sure.

I got two emails about the sale, and it’s was and still is posted on weaver space under Announcements.

OK thanks. I got zero emails. Should check in on more often I suppose but wouldn’t have minded an email notification via that either.

If you got no emails, be sure to sign up for newsletters at the bottom of this page

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