Joe Workman's PDF Embed question (again)

I understand very well the importance of the URL in the Joe Workman PDF Embed stack. The address of the PDF must be that of the site. works differently than in that regard.

On my site I have a PDF Embed page with the following URL:

Access is through a menu on the site.

The problem is that some users enter the site with and others with, so PDF Embed gives an error depending on each case.

I wonder if there is any way to “force” to always open the Embed page with

Sorry if I don’t explain myself well.

Everything needs to match

You need to use an htaccess rule to force a redirect to either www or non-www. www or non-www is also treated by google as two separate urls, so it should be done for SEO purposes as well. So you need to choose which you prefer - www or non-www.

See this post:


true…I do have that set too.

Many thanks to Joe and David.

Seems to work :grinning:

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No problem always good to help

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