PDF Embed Problem

I’m using Workman’s PDF Embed to display a PDF file. Within RW7 Edit and Preview the page displays along with the header, menu, etc. When I link to it using Safari the PDF file id displayed but not the header, etc. What am I missing?


Can you provide a link to your published page?

Thanks for your response. Go to:

http://www.grossmanhorowitzfamily.info/YMHAD/index.html http://www.grossmanhorowitzfamily.info/YMHAD/index.html

click on “Privacy Policy” link in the footer. See how the embedded PDF comes up.


Hi Elliot
I looked at that page, and I did not see a PDF embed stack on that page. Is that the actual URL to the page with the stack on it?

Hi Robert,

You are correct. However, I cannot figure out the link to use to go to my hidden PrivacyPolicy page. Any suggesions?

Thanks for your help.

Elliot Grossman

If you look in the Page Inspector, it should have any folder name and filename that you need, just add the folder and filename after the URL.

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