Soundcloud BIG Problem. Anyone else have this? RESOLVED!

We created a website using Soundcloud as the music database.

We have over 200 tracks there and added the tracks to RW site using Joe Workmans Soundcloud stack. Everything worked perfectly.

All of a sudden all but one track is unplayable!

It seems the problem lies with soundcloud rather than the stack.

This seems to be an issue with SoundCloud

until they fix it, there is nothing we can do.

Anyone else have a similar problem ? Or have any idea what I can do? Soundcloud no longer have tech support or any contact

Hi @Figory
OK, so Joe and I looked into this for over 2 hours and I think I have figured out what might be happening. Follow these instructions. This is happening with only Playlists (at least that is what has been reported) but this should fix it for all instances.

  1. If you have the rights to the music, be sure each song has the Display Embed Code turned on.

    Not sure if this is something that NEEDS to be done, but it is worth doing to be sure.

  2. Be sure you have the Playlist is set to Public and not Private. Now, even if your playlist is set to public, click on private and then public again, it seems to reset it to the public mode then click on Save Changes.

  3. DO NOT use the URL from the playlist window, instead, click on the share button and you will see this window appear:

    Use this URL for the stack setting.

After doing all three of these on all of my playlists (many of which would NOT display) now display on my test site here

If you follow all of these instructions, then your playlists should reappear.

Let me know if it does.


OK so Robert you and Joe are AMAZING. Thank you a berzillion times.

I have no idea how you figured that out. Or why it works, as the settings or links have not changed at all. BUT I have just tried 2 playlists and it works!




For me its working when I just go into soundcloud and into each playlist and change the setting from public to private and back to public again then hit save.

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Glad to know, I should have tested it better and done my ideas one at a time, but I didn’t.

Maybe, but its good to have all the info here, so the next person that freaks out will know what to do.

Again thank you so so so so much. I would have been so stuck without you and Joe going the extra ten miles.

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