Music Library Site / Sound cloud and Cloud Nine Stack


I am creating a website for a music library.
The tracks will not be for sale on the site. But I need customers to be able to listen to the tracks (about 500 tracks in all) They will then make contact if the need to purchase the track.
(Because individual licensing agreements will be required)

It seems to me (BUT I am very open to suggestions) that I am best to upload all tracks to soundcloud. Then use Will Woodgates Cloud Nine Stack

Has anyone done anything similar ? I’m having problems and would LOVE some advice


I have music samples too. I’m certainly no expert but I use soundcloud stack with soundcloud playlist… works ok although there may be something better… Soundcloud itself is very good and they store your files and use the stack to point toward them… good luck

If you want to sell them it might be worth looking at the Audio stack. It’s limited to 40 tracks per player but you might be able to organise multiple players on the page in some way that works for you.

Thanks both for the replies.

I like the Audio stack very much but I’m not selling on the site because the tracks are for use for tv and film so each purchase requires an individual contract.

But I need to have the 500 tracks play on all browsers, iPhone etc. And look good too.

Will Woodgates Cloud Nine works well in my test. But unless I’m doing something wrong I believe I can’t add playlists which will automatically change in my site when they are updated in Soundcloud. I seem to have to add in each individual track to the playlist stack.
Rather than just the playlist url…
I’m hoping I have that wrong! Wondered if anyone was familiar with it?


All sorted. (thanks to Will W) Im a twit and I had the track url not the play list url in the stack.
Cloud Nine look like it will be perfect for the job