RW 7.1.5 Editing Stacks is Worse Than Pulling Fingernails Out

Whenever I make ANY change to a stacks page (add a stack, edit a stack, delete a stack), Rapidweaver snaps the page to the top of the edit view. This means on large, complex pages, EACH EDIT I make requires me to manually scroll back down to the area in the page that I am editing. Once I make the edit, Rapidweaver snaps the view BACK TO THE TOP.

Not only is this annoying, but it is doubling- or tripling- the time it takes for me to make ANY change to a Stacks-based page.

Is there some nerd knob I can twiddle to stop this behavior?

Help before I really pull my fingernails out!

This post should give you some insight into the problem: Jumping to the top of the page If you search the forum there are a few other posts on this topic that may also help.

The search button here on the forum is often the best nerd knob to twiddle, at least initially. :slight_smile:

My wife thinks I am a nerd and a knob. Not sure if i can help but…

In Foundation and / or Big White Duck stacks - there’s a setting to show custom fonts in edit mode, but it will cause this behaviour to happen.

Otherwise, this older post has some details (but it is for RW 6). Maybe a bug snuck back in. Jumping to the top of the page

Edit: @thang beat me to it. Clearly he’s nerdier and knobbier than I.

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Thanks Jabo! Yes - it’s true. Nerdier… and knobbier! :sunglasses:

I don’t know. It happens, it stops happening, it happens again. Clearly this is a bug of some sort, and there is no way for me to tell what triggers it (apart from it is triggered by doing things one would normally do to edit a page).

This started after the upgrade. I do not recall ever being this F*ING IRRITATED at trying to edit a page in RW before.

It’s pretty much always this:

If you can’t locate the problem, create a small demo file with just the page in question and as few 3rd party stacks as possible (preferably zero) – and share a link to the project with me. I’ll have a look at it with dev tools and let you know exactly why it’s jumping around.