Jump to the top of the page

Every time I drop a stack in the page it jumps to the top of the page, it very frustrating
RW8, Foundation, Stacks just update
Any thoughts or help would be great

This post might help diagnose it:

With Foundation in particular (because Foundation users often also use Big White Duck stacks), I believe there are some Big White Duck stacks where custom fonts can cause this behaviour if you have them set to display in edit mode. I’d check out the link above first though

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Thank you for your info, I am using Big White Duck , I am going to check it out.

If I recall correctly, it’s in the header/paragraph pro stacks and the setting is “show in edit mode” (not at my RW comp to give a proper screenshot)

Any stack that allows you to preview an external file in edit mode (Paragraph Pro, Header Pro, Font Pro and some menu stacks out there) can cause the page to jump.

\For this reason the edit mode preview feature is OFF by default (in my stacks and Joes Font Pro) and there are explicit warnings about switching it on and only doing so as a quick check.

The page may jump the first time you add one of the Foundation column stacks but it should not keep happening.


very very cool , thank you guys for your help

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