Menu Stack for Foundation 1

Top Bar unusable because it keeps randomly flipping over to mobile mode (open position) on Safari. (Chrome is fine).
Looking for a simple one level alternative. Any suggestions appreciated.

I’ve never seen that happen. Sounds like there’s something else going on maybe?

I like CleanMenu by 1LD, if you are wanting to replace the topbar.

If you want to provide a URL perhaps someone can help you out with topbar

I’m sure something else is going on Doug but I can’t find it and it’s driving me crazy(er).

Here’s a URL:
EXAMPLE: problem manifests when clicking between different hospital locations (under Hospitals>Tijuana>Guagalajara>Puerto Vallarta THE SECOND OR THIRD TIME through.

The first time the page is selected it looks ok. Leaving and returning shows the mobile menu appears in the expanded position. Gary Wann (The Weaver Space) was unable to reproduce it but several others I’ve asked to look have confirmed the issue. Once triggered, the problem then persists on many pages with the only fix being clearing the cache AND refreshing the page. It does not occur on Chrome.

Any insights appreciated. As an aside, the same issue shows up when flipping between different procedures as well. Once tripped, every goes to hell in a hand-basket.

Di I sound a mite frustrated :slight_smile:
Any and all input would be much appreciated.


I took a look,

I couldn’t reproduce the issue. It’s not really clear from the description above what steps I needed to do to get the mobile menu to stay open.

I tried to follow what you said but I can’t seem to make it fail.

Thanks for checking Doug. Here is one example of steps:

  1. From the HOMR page select menu item Procedures
  2. From Procedures Page select one of 3 procedures show eg., Gastric Sleeve
  3. On the Gastric Sleeve Page there is a drop down labelled ‘Other Procedures’
  4. Select one of the procedure links from the dropdown, say min-Gastric Bypass
  5. From that Mini Gastric Bypass Page, go to ‘Other Pocedires’ downdown, select Gastric Bypass and you will see the problem.
  6. If the first time doesn’t bring on the problem, just toggle back and forth between 2 different procedures again and guaranteed it will appear.
  7. It’s usually ok through the first time selecting a procedure but NOT the second.
  8. Once the problem appears it persists (barring empty cache AND refresh page routine)
  9. I’ve used the procedures example but the same thing happens when re-selecting a hospital location more than once,

Sounds more complicated than it is: Reselecting some links multipe times invokes the mobile menu that then persists – rendering the site unusable

Thanks in advance for any HELP.

Best Regards,

Even Simpler from HOME page go> COSTS (ok) > go> WAIT TIMES (ok) > go> COSTS (problem appears!)

I was trying to recreate the problem.

No luck on the simpler scenario.

The site appears to be down now, I gen a “Not Found”.

It was also extremely slow before it went down. I don’t know if it’s a page weight problem or a really slow server.

Thanks Doug;

I decided to erase the server and publish the site fresh so it was down for a bit. I keep trying different things but so far no love. By things, I mean settings in the TOP BAR stack.

The current iteration id up and accessible now.

Before it was down you say even the simply scenario could not be replicated? That is, going back and forth a couple of times between the same pages? It may take a few times through but it eventually crops up.

Cheers (although getting less cheery all the time)


I was able to reproduce the problem. Safari only (Both Mac and IPadOS). There are no errors on the page that I can see.
It’s not a true mobile menu as there’s noway to close it:

Looks like a really strange bug in the Foundation 1 Top-bar, maybe one for @joeworkman to have a look at. I know he has moved on to F6 so he may not wish to have a look.

Just out of curiosity does this happen in RapidWeaver preview? Does it happen when you preview in Safari from within RW?

Thanks for the confirmation at least. No it does NOT happen in RapidWeaver preview and NO it does not happen when previewed in Safari from within RapidWeaver.

A strange bug yes. I can’t believe that this is its first appearance given how long Foundation 1 / TOP BAR have been in use. Joe Workman has not chimed in here or on Weavers Space although I wish he would. It’s clearly unusable.

I would check out CleanMenu by 1LD but the 1LD site has been down since at least Friday so I’m not sure what’s happening there. I hope he is well.

Thanks for taking the time Doug. Still looking for any alternative suggestions from the entire community.


Looks like 1LD’s site is back up again.

Cross posting answer…

I saw the other post, but didn’t see an answer?

Here’s Joe Workman’s response from Weavers Space:

I cannot replicate this on the site at all. one thing that I have noticed is that the site is slow. Downloading images seems to take longer than it should. Downloading a 250KB image took 5s. I would recommend that you look at enabling Cloudflare or find some faster hosting.

Several more people responded on Weavers Space as well.

A couple experienced the problem. A couple did not. No one had any answers about TOP BAR. There were two comments about slow speeds. Don’t know if that could be related to the problem.

As you originally noted, there were no errors, and TOP BAR has be in use a long time so maybe my host connection speed is causing some issue. Looking into Cloudflare.

I read the entire post that @joeworkman linked to prior to replying.

When I first attempted to replicate the problem you’re having your site was extremely slow. I had difficulty as well.

You since deleted everything and republished the site. Although it’s not the speediest site out there, what ever was causing the extreme slow speed got fixed.

I also found the problem very easy to reproduce now. I’ve been able to easily reproduce the issue on two Macs and two iPads in a few seconds now that the speed issues have been resolved.

Now is it foundation topbar issue? It might be, just because a product has been out for 5 years doesn’t mean it’s bug free. After all the browser in question has had quite a few major updates in the five years.

It might not be a problem with topbar, it could be something else causing the issue. Might be another stack on the page that’s causing a compatibility issue, it might be something on the server as well.

Yeah, that’s the issue isn’t it? Too many variables. And no one seems to have had this particular problem before. And some folks can’t replicate the problem at all. A head scratcher.

Thanks for your time on this Doug. 1LD site is up and the CleanMenu stack seems like it might be a reasonable alternative.

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