Works OK on Firefox but not Safari

Using 2-column stack layout with Vimeo and Player2 stacks, everything looks fine in Firefox and Chrome, but a mess in Safari. Page is

Can anyone help?

I’m getting more and more frustrated with RW8…thinking of regretfully going to something like Squarespace…any suggestions or comments?

You do know you are using a theme that is like 10 years old…and not meant to work with the new stacks…try a much more modern theme!


Can you explain what you mean by a “mess in Safari”?

I looked at the linked page in Safari and Chrome and they looked the same to me. I could be missing something, but I don’t know what I’m looking for.

Perhaps, Safari is displaying cached content and not your most recent changes. You can try clearing the Safari cache, but that doesn’t always work. Try a private window in Safari and see how it looks there. That should get you a complete fresh load of your site.

Btw, the theme you’re using is very old and not “responsive”. By that, I mean that the content doesn’t fit nicely on small devices, like phones. You should really think about switching the site to a newer, responsive theme from RW8 or a 3rd party developer.



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Both pages look identical to me in Chrome and Safari.

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