JW eMail stack: Non-breakable urls in email body forces column to go wide

(Joe Workman) #21

Try the following CSS…


(Greg Schneck) #22

Thanks Joe… I tried your specific code and other css too (as suggested above). They work in RW preview and (sending) mail app preview (ie: the link breaks) but not in the actual email client (received email) which is this case is Apple Mail.

Here’s the resulting email in Mail app. The “Body” is set 8 of 12 units and the “sale” sidebar 4 of 12.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #23

Just make the text size so small that it fits on the page. Lol :joy:

(Greg Schneck) #24

I’ve actually done that before when it wasn’t over by much! :slight_smile:

(dirk vermeulen) #25


is there a way to do this with dutch?