JW's Mail Stack and email's in general - style change's in "replies/forwards" - discussion

(Greg Schneck) #1

I’ve been running an opt-in mail list for a number of years and I’ve recently started using JW’s Mail stacks to build my emails. They are sent via aWeber. I have used other tools in the past (email drop and drag editors, templates, etc.)

This is the problem and for general discussion:
Many times when the original mail is “quoted” and included with the reply the original quoted email is “broken.” By that I mean it’s design is different than the original. It has happened no matter what tool I use to build the email, and it seems to be related to the “replying” app. This also seems to happen with “forwards.”

I see things such as content backgrounds taking on the color of the page background… content in columns being vertically centered instead of flush top, etc. In the past I’ve asked some of these people to take a screen shot of the original and it is always correct (as designed). It is “replies” and “forwards” the recipient sends that have style changes.

Is this something that just has to be accepted? Knowing the vast array of email apps, versions, etc, I have to assume the fault simply lies within the end users app and there is nothing that can be done.


(Butternut Squash) #2

Yes, that is certainly true in my experience. For several years, I have been using Mail Designer, both the regular and the Pro versions.

If I receive a reply, it is as if Picasso or Braque had created a Cubist version of my original email. It is completely disjointed, with some elements missing and others simply gone crazy.