JW Offsite Stack: Custom Fonts?

(Butternut Squash) #1

So, with the greatest reluctance, and much gnashing of teeth, I finally abandoned the Tumblr stack (which still amazingly works, albeit unreliably, and most definitely at a glacial pace). I set up the JW Offsite Stack to channel Tumblr.


The good news is it’s not so bad, considering, but I am not in love with the typeface that is built into the Tumblr theme.

Wondering if there is any code, @zeebe, or anyone else with those skills, that would allow me to override the Tumblr font in favor of the more elegant Google font I had before.


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

Sorry, but you will need to change that on Tumblr somehow. Offsite uses an iFrame to bring in the page, and any CSS you put into RapidWeaver will not effect it.