JW Tumblr Stack still working

Despite dire pronouncements of its imminent death, the JW Tumblr Stack is astonishingly still working.

Wondering if that is true for other people, and wondering also if anyone at Team Workman has any new information on the subject.


It was working for me on a client site in late December as well. I went ahead and swapped it to total cms anyway, just to be proactive.

I’d really like to know as well. It’s still working for me on two sites. One’s not a problem as they’re packing the business in, but the other is ongoing. I was going to move them to Armadillo but their hosting package doesn’t include an SQL database and they’ve been hesitant about adding it to their package.


I am not the Grand Poobah of bloggers. My needs are decidedly modest. For my blog, Armadillo or anything CMS are completely overkill.

The Offsite stack works for me. I have not experienced the problems some others have had with the stack relative to 7.2x. I just don’t like it as much as the Tumblr stack, which perfectly mirrors the aesthetics of all my other pages, and over which I have total control font and width-wise.

So curious if Tumblr had second thoughts about being so mean, or if the shoe will drop any old day soon.