JW Offsite working in RW preview, but not online

Any ideas here?

Client is using Host Gator and is the only thing that I can think of that would be causing this issue.

https://landwaccounting.com/tax-tips-and-resources/test/ is a blank html theme, with Offsite and text with the link that the iframe is supposed to show.

Tax Tips | Lindstrom Accounting, Stockton, CA is a Foundry page.

I set up a blank HTML page with no stacks. https://landwaccounting.com/tax-tips-and-resources/testhtml/

This URL has a JS error on the page. Something with zoho. You should fix that.

The reason the iframe does not load is that your page is https and the URL in the iframe is http. You cannot do that. There is a warning inside of the browser console that tells you this.

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Your JS error is that you added script tags into the JavaScript tab. You should put that code in the Head or Body tabs instead of the JS tab.


Thank you @joeworkman

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