JW Screens Stack - Can I set a working anchor on a Screens Slide

Using JW screens stack and foundation theme. I’m trying to set an anchor/link on a Screens Slide so it would behave similarly to an anchor/link set on a Screens Page. In other words if I have five Screens Pages I can set a clickable link on page one that skips/flows past four pages to my anchor/link on page five. I’m trying to achieve the same behavior with the horizontal Screens Slides however, I can’t seem to do it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.


Your link should be a url of the form


0 is the first slide (1 is the second slide and so on). To reference the first slide on a screens page you can of course omit the number

myScreenPageStack is the anchor name you entered for the Screens Page stack containing the slides

There are more navigation tip/tricks that I posted here https://plus.google.com/+AndrewTavernor1/posts/josYX7tkDuM

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Andrew, thanks that works great. I appreciate the help and link to other navigation tips.