I can’t get links in a JW Letterbox stack to work

After enabling a link in a LetterBox stack, the link doesn’t highlight or have the ability to be clicked on.

What I did: I added a JW ‘LetterPress’ stack to a Defligra ‘GoRight’ stack. I typed in the 2-4 words of content. I then right-clicked on the words, selected ‘Add Link” and chose the page I wanted to link to.

I also selected the image (to also link the image and text) above the words and used the built-in add-link icon at the bottom of the RW screen, but this option wasn’t available for the LetterPress stack. The link works on the image, but not the text in the LetterBox stack.

I want the visitor to be able to click on either the image or the written description (both) to take them to the linked page.

What I’m using:
RW 6.3.4
Stacks 3
Parallaxis Theme (by Archetypon)
Letterpress stack (by JW) inside of:
GoRight stack (by DeFliGra) inside of:
JackStack (by Joe Workman) inside of:
Margins Stack (by elixer Graphics)

Please let me know of any solutions.


Hi @design4film,

Just wanted to check in and see if you were able to find a solution.