Jump from link on 1 page to specific spot on different page?

I’m fairly certain this can be done but am drawing a blank. Is this a Foundation 6 thing or is there a simpler way to do it using another stack? I have a slide show (MovingBox2 @joeworkman). I want each individual slide to jump to a specific section of a different page.

You need to link to an anchor on the other pages. On the other pages, use a container stack to set an Anchor ID for the section that you want to link to. Then inside your MovingBox stack, you can simply link to the URL of the other page with the anchor tag at the end. For example: https://www.weavers.space/stacks/qr-coder#demo

Thank you for the lightning quick response Joe.That has put me on-track.


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Does your F6 accordion offer the ability to link to individual items?

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