JW's EasyCMS is there a free 30 day trial with this stack?

Hi All, i heard a very strong rumour that EasyCMS and TotalCMS was available with a free 30 day trial ?

Is this correct ?, clicking on the Buy button simply asks me to pay ?

Is it really as easy as it says it is ON THE TIN ?


30 day free trial is Total CMS only. This is because it is a per domain pricing. Easy CMS is one cost for as many domains as you want. If you want to see what Easy CMS is, download the 30 day trial of TotalCMS and only use the Text and Image stacks.

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@zeebe Kool Robert thanks for that, that sounds a very good way to present something as complex as Total CMS


I am currently watching a couple of JW’s Videos, trying very hard to understand this CMS stuff.