CMS for customers using Microsoft OS

Hi anybody there … customers of us ask for a website with content, they can change themselves – just what is called CMS. When I read the informations about the different CMS-products for rapidweaver, I often read „from wherever you are“ content can be changed. But I’m not sure: is this possible too for a customer working with some microsoft based commuters?
I’d be glad to hear from someone who knows.
Thank you and best wishes!


Hi, if I understand your question. Using for example Joe Workmans Total CMS from the clients perspective it makes no difference which computer you use as they edit via the browser.


Exactly this was where I was not sure – thank you very much!

Total CMS you can try it free for 30 days.


There are other products from other developers but I haven’t used them.

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Best to find the right CMS for what you want to do.
TotalCMS is very powerful and has a built in blog that end users can administer themselves.
However if it’s more basic text and images, then EasyCMS would be a better fit.

There are other solutions like

  • GOcms from Yabdab
  • WebYep from Stacks4stacks
  • Sentry from Seydesign (same person behind Stacks4stacks)
  • Pulse from Yuzool (helper stacks for available separately from InStacks)

They all differ in features, complexity and price, best to research what one fits your needs.


Total CMS is excellent but then so are Easy CMS and GoCMS (on offer at 50% off at the moment). It depends on what you need to be able to edit.


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