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Hey @joeworkman!

I spent a happy time yesterday watching your 2 hour YouTube vid on Easy / Total CMS. I’ve downloaded the Total CMS Trial (as I think that’s what is going to be necessary for this project) and it seems to be working well in RW6.3.7 (on 10.11.3). However, when I publish my test site, I don’t see what’s expected on the server. (I’ve checked php version (5.6.14) and have gd and curl both setup.

So… is this because I’m using an unlicensed version of Total CMS or have I done something wrong? You’ll see I’ve left the ‘Admin’ page unprotected by password and visible in the navigation bar to help diagnose this issue.


Do the admin text stacks have the same ID as the corresponding content text stacks?

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Dang, @RapidBase you beat me to the punch!! Was just typing that. I love that these forums show stuff as they appear. That looks like it might be the issue. The content and the admin stacks have to have the same CMS ID.

Hi @RapidBase & @Zeebe

Yep - I checked many times that the CMS IDs are the same on both the Home and Admin pages - text1 and text2 in both cases. I’ve just added two more text boxes (text3 and text4) and the same issue of course.

Interestingly, the changes one of you made (adding orange image and two lots of text) are reflected as expected in the RW project but not online.

Hmmm, very strange. This makes me believe there is an issue somewhere in your server. Not sure what might be going on here. Once Joe wakes up, I will tell him to take a look.

Thanks, @zeebe. One thing… because it’s a test, this site resides in a folder, not at the root of the server on which my domain <> is hosted. I have taken care to put an extra, invisible page on my own site, i.e. at the root, to include one core stack only where, using Transmit, I can see the expected cms folders and files and logs.

Thought you and Joe should know that too.

What do you have configured for the Website URL for this project? Is it set to ?

{sigh} It wasn’t before but it is now, @joeworkman. That’d be why it’s working now :wink: Many thanks, Joe.

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Finally I bought my own copy of Total CMS (why is it that I never actually try demo licences:roll_eyes:)

This should be so easy, but I’m not getting the results expected - noticing @TimLawson 's comment - my Total CMS test site is also installed in a sub folder, so I don’t have to dismantle my my main site - is that a problem @zeebe ?

Shouldn’t be a problem to have it in a sub domain at all. If you want help figuring out the issue I would suggest giving us a URL to look at. Also check your version of PHP.

On a side note, read this thread

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Thanks Robert - I’ll do some more checking and try again, give you a URL of its still not working :wink: