Kiki Pro banner image problems

I’m having two problems with Kiki Pro, and was wondering if anyone out there has a solution.

First, the images are now “washed out” really bad. They were fine for months, but I just did an update to the site, and the images look really bad. Here’s an example of what they look like in Preview in Rapidweaver 7:

… and here is how they appear in a web browser:

The second issue is: how do I control the height of the banner images? Some pages I have to keep in Kiki because for some reason Kiki Pro dramatically increases the banner height … and I do not see any option for adjusting banner height.

Any suggestions would be great!

Re: first problem. If you are previewing in RW on one screen and in a browser on another screen, it may simply be a problem of wrong screen calibration (or a lack thereof) of one of the screens or both of them. But then again, it may be something wrong with the settings within a stack you are using to display an image. Is the image PNG, by any chance?

Hi @idleminds

I’d like to try to help.

First things first… here is the image you are using on the contact page:-

That looks somewhat ‘washed out’ to me. That is the image source (theme has nothing to do with the image as you see it there). Can you tell me if that looks correct to you like that?

It appears that you may also have the green overlay effect activated on that page?

Let me know :slight_smile:

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Yes, that is the way it’s supposed to look. I went and looked at it in another browser and it actually appears normal. Also, I checked it on an iPad and the image appears fine. Here’s a JPEG of what the file looks like in my Safari browser on my Macbook Pro:

I had added the green background so the text could be seen since the image appeared washed out. I just went over to another computer and called up the page and the image appears fine.

APPARENTLY … there is a problem with my MacBook Pro displaying this site … so this problem appears to be entirely on my end. Oddly, it only affects this site on my laptop after it’s published. The image appears fine in Rapidweaver in Preview mode.

The other question I have, though, is about the height of the images. When I replace some images in the “Override site banner” section of Rapidweaver, some of them are much taller than on other pages. Is this because some pages were originally designed with Kiki and not Kiki Pro? Is there a way to set the banner image height?

Hi Mark,

You can control the height of the banner with this CSS snippet:

.cover.cover-image {
	height: 325px;

Just change the 325px to whatever works best for you.

I’m still carrying out a few tests regarding the images on your site and will reply as soon as I know more.

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I just checked this site with other browsers on the same MacBook Pro … they all appear fine EXCEPT on Safari. On other machines I have running Mac OS X … it appears fine EVEN IN SAFARI. Apparently my Safari browser is corrupted somehow. HOWEVER, it only appears to affect this particular website! I even went and deleted the cache file for that site and it still looks washed out.

Again, this does not appear to affecting any other websites … only this one.


Kind regards,