RW7 and Banners not working

Im using the new theme Kiki with RW7. I’m trying to use a different banner per page. Looks good in the preview. But when I publish its not what you see in the preview. Is this a known bug? If I see it in the preview I’m doing it right ?? Looks like a great idea, but its not working. Some pages have a different banner, some go back to the main, a few times one banner from one page was showing in all the pages… Any advice??

Wow, it just keeps getting worse. If I put a banner on page seven, for example, then when you publish, it shows on the home page and several other pages, at random… You add another on page 3 and it shows on page 3 and other pages, totally erratic. I know its not me, in the preview it shows right… Hope someone from Rapidweaer can see this… Please help!!

Be sure to send an email with all of your details, project file, etc to support@realmacsoftware.