RW7 and Banners not working

(Emiliano Achaval) #1

Im using the new theme Kiki with RW7. I’m trying to use a different banner per page. Looks good in the preview. But when I publish its not what you see in the preview. Is this a known bug? If I see it in the preview I’m doing it right ?? Looks like a great idea, but its not working. Some pages have a different banner, some go back to the main, a few times one banner from one page was showing in all the pages… Any advice??

(Emiliano Achaval) #2

Wow, it just keeps getting worse. If I put a banner on page seven, for example, then when you publish, it shows on the home page and several other pages, at random… You add another on page 3 and it shows on page 3 and other pages, totally erratic. I know its not me, in the preview it shows right… Hope someone from Rapidweaer can see this… Please help!!

(Adam Shiver) #3

Be sure to send an email with all of your details, project file, etc to support@realmacsoftware.