Banner overlay problems

Hi. I am building a site in RW7 and have a 1200x800 pixel jpeg photo that I want to use as a banner. In the settings for Banner overlay I set it for “No overlay” but it has a dark grey overlay that darkens my banner image. Is there any way I can get rid of the dark grey overlay on the banner? I have not found any way to make my image look like it should and this is very annoying. The coloured overlays are horrible by the way.

Which theme are you using?


Hi Rob

I am using Kiki theme

Sorry, don’t have RW7 or that theme so can’t help. I’m sure it’s straightforward though - @kryten?


Thank’s Rob. I hope someone can help me with this


The option to completely remove any kind of overlay on the banner exists in the Kiki Pro theme (along with other enhancements befitting the “Pro” version of the theme):

Normally I would weigh in with some custom CSS or JS to fix this up, but actually the overlay is bonded to the image in the same CSS rule so rather than dropping a code bomb on this thread can I ask you to raise a ticket here:-

And we’ll get you fixed up.