Know of a RW photo stack or plugin that does this?

Does anyone know of a photo stack or plugin that automatically transfers the text description in the info box of the image on to the designated area for the photo when posting? Some sites do this in addition to the keywords for posting into the metatags or whatever. I’m about to do a new photography-centered site and do not want to have to retype descriptions every time I upload a new image, which will be often. Some descriptions are short but others are long. I still think there should be something that helps with this issue. Is there yet?

Also, I read the thread on switching from 7 to 8 with horror. No way I want to risk losing what I’ve done with all my sites in 7. Will RW ever develop into a pro app on the level of Final Cut with free updates/upgrades for the entire length of ownership? Some folks can’t afford to upgrade every few years. Just curious. Thank you for your help!

I think @joeworkman has a photography stack that includes specific details on images, but I don’t remember the stack’s name/title.

That depends which text description you refer to. If it is IPTC metadata (which can be set via Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Photos app, etc.), have a look at inStacks Software | Gallery Stack 3 - The most versatile and kick-ass Photo Gallery

Thanks, I’ll do that!

I’ll look. Thanks!

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