Why no ability to batch import photos

While I’ve found one very poor third party method it is far from being useful ie files have to be renamed to 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc, all exif and iptc data removed and more restrictions. Desperately looking for the ability of a stack/plug-in to batch import a block of photos while retaining their original names and keeping the associated metadata intact. It should also have the ability to automatically place the filename or keywords from their EXIF/IPTC area in the Caption. Surely someone has got this figured out?

I don’t know if this stack meets ALL your requirements, I use the Repository stack by instacks. Very easy to set up and use… There are a few stacks that can read a batch of warehoused images such as instack’s Gallery stack and Stacks4Stacks ProGallery stack.

@instacks can confirm details for you, but Repository is a joy to use!

I’m assuming you want to use photos with a gallery stack of some sort. Not sure Rapidweaver’s built-in photo gallery page is very useful in this regards.

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Gallery Stack is able to read IPTC metadata as you request:

Good to know, thank you! Does it support the other requirements I mentioned?

Yes. Its possible to read photos from a folder.

I use the Photostream stack from InStacks, which reads from a folder on my server. It can also include captions imported directly from the pics. But when I just went to their website to find put more details, it seems it no longer is available. Does anyone know anything about that? Didi Gallery Stack 3 replace Photostream?

Yes, Gallery Stack replaced PhotoStream Stack since some time.

Send me a message with your email you purchased PhotoStream with, and you will get a proper discount.

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