Photos and iPhoto and RW

I’m still using RapidWeaver 5.3 because my sites use a many captioned photos that are in iPhoto (in two libraries)
I would like to migrate to the latest version of RW, and to Photos, but I don’t know how to painlessly make this transition.
Does anyone have any advice?



The transition from iPhoto to Photos is not that bad, in my opinion. You find a lot of information for that.

When you do the migration from RW5.4 to RW6, the photos should be stored inside the project, so that you should not have any problems in RW6.

Cheers, Jannis

Thanks for the info Jannis.
But will all the albums and captions be retained during the move from iPhoto to Photos and, more importantly, when I update RW?
I must have over 50 albums…

The captions are stored as EXIF Data in the pictures? Then they will be there after the move to Photos also.

My albums (I have over 50) have been migrated to Photos.

Regarding the move from RW5.4 (document improvement) to RW6 and the photos stored inside the project, we have to ask @nikf.