Kuler Edits Pro alternative

(Christian Heck) #1

Hi everybody,

i wanted to buy Kuler Edits Pro but it seems as they went out of business, it’s not possible to purchase any more.
Is there any similar stack ? I need something working with foundry but don’t need a full cms

thanks for any recommendations


(Joe Workman) #2

There is Easy CMS. Should fit your needs perfectly.

(Michael Frankland) #3

For an alternative to that I can suggest Dropkick - it is a good alternative to a full-blown CMS:

It’s a shame Kuler Solutions has gone offline :frowning:

(Rob Beattie) #4

Might also be worth taking a look at Sentry.




For those looking for similar w/ Dynamic content capabilities to boot: Take a look at EasyDB:



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