Kuler SQL customization request

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I am using Kuler SQL to show a therapist database. Now my client wants a small form with two fields where people can enter a range of ZIP codes (“show all therapists from zip code 00000 to zip code 10000” or similar).
The Kuler SQL Pro Table has a search field, but no range field. It does have a field for a customized query which I have successfully filled in for some “preset” tables showing all addresses with zip 2xxxx and so on.
But the customized entry by visitors is missing.
I do have a form that was used on the former website, but I can’t manage to add the two variables for the lower and upper limit into the query on the result page.
Anybody can help me on that?

(Brandon Scott Corlett) #2

I think you are looking for something like this?

(Markus Frieauff ) #3

Great, Brandon!
While the entire script is too much for my needs, I was able to get the correct syntax for what I wanted to do by going through the code of the script. Thank you so much!!
If you want to take a look:
Here’s the page with the full table (all therapists), the map with zip areas and now added the form to manually chose a zip code range of addresses to display. The result is being presented on a different page since I can not alter the code in the KulerSQL Pro Table. But that’s not a problem.


(also helpful if you need a qualified homoeopath while travelling in Germany :wink:

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