Kuler SQL pagination, Table and Pro

I need pagination but it is only in Table presentation and not in Pro. Mr Kuler - can’t get any reply from him at all. Anyone clever out there, please help!!!

This is so frustrating. Has anyone else bought these stacks?

I own the Kuler MySQL stacks. Not understanding what you want from your question. Do you have some type of example of what you are looking for that you can provide or more information about what you are trying to do?

Basically a web site with 20,000 books. The search pulls out 100.
Using the Table these are laid out, 20 at a time, say, in a set lay out.
Using the Pro these are laid out how ever you want them laid out, but all 100 at once.
The pagination feature in Table is not in Pro.
He has now contacted me and is hoping to add that feature in, and I am happy to pay!

I wonderd a) is there any way I am missing to write the Sql query that will paginate, but I dont think so, it needs another function addi g to the stack which is beyond me.
B) is there a way to use a Table in a Pro stack or something to get the pagination of the Table stack working in the Pro stack! But I have tried every combination, I think.

I am currently working with the SQL stacks as well and seem to be at the same place. I need to be able to add a query to the table base. Any ideas?

That is why he made the Pro stack, so you can add your query there. It also means you can arrange your stacks to show the data wherever and however you choose (layout) rather than just a table. Does that help?

I tried to put the table base inside the pro base and that didn’t work.
I’ll keep at it.

No, I tried every combination!
But I did it because I wanted the pagination thing from Table to work.
Is that what you want?
Otherwisw just put different display stacks inside the Pro to lay it out how you want - such as an ordinary Table stack from elsewhere dropped into the Pro, and then your display sql data stacks in the rows and columns as you wish.

I can get the data loaded in the page using a 4 column grid stack. How can
I go about styling the rows? At least shading every other line. I’m
trying to build a simple contact list for our church directory. So I have
name, phone, email, address that i need displayed in a “table” layout.
Shading every other line makes it much easier to read.

Any ideas? I may need to go back to the db end and dump my criteria into a
new table and just use the base table stack from Kuler.

Hmmm. On this demo page he has alternate lines shaded. Using the dev panel in safari you can where he applies the css, and then you could change the colour of the shading there if you wish.

Im actually stuck starting something all together.

On the page where he shows a shop example, I bought the column stack and his Kuler MySQL stack and simply got stumped.

It would be great if any of you or Gary could post a rapid weaver project file whereby I can see Column and MySQL employed. Omitting any real DB of course for a demo dummy url etc. Id at least then be able to mimic what I need pronto!

So not sure of your problem. A few Yes/No answers will help me here.

Have you a working page using the Sql stacks?
And if yes…
Is your problem then simply arranging them in his table stack (which is part of the sql stacks set)?
And if no
You are trying to arrange them yourself differently?

You’ve done the obvious like making sure the page has a php extension (not html).
That you have the required base stack (base div) at the top of each sql page.

Or are you trying his Pro stack? (should still work the same tho’)

I cant guess why popping the data stacks in the various table cells should be a problem.
Forgive me but I haven’t worked on this for over a year because without Gary adding his pagination to the pro stack it is unusable to me…

I finally was able to find a work around for this issue. I was able to incorporate the sql query into the stack and create a new stack from it. This filtered from my database prior to showing up in the table.

It became a merge of the table base stack and the pro stack.

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I solve this when I re-pubish all the site. Note: I was working with Foundation Theme.

Cachemac: how does this solve the pagination when I get 500 results, please (PLEASE!) advise.
Arturo: did you solve the pagination somehow?

Yes, I only republished all. Note I’ve working with foundation theme. I tried with others (not all), but the results weren’t good.