Kuler SQL pagination in base stack?

Fabulous stacks, do exactly what they say, so simple!
How do I get pagination to work with the PRO base stack, though?
He only has it in the TABLE base stack.
I tried putting the PRO stack inside the TABLE stack and vice versa but it causes problems.
Anyone solved this, please?

Hi Jon -

I have the same question about SQL Pro and Table bases. Did you find a workaround?


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Unfortunately the man refuses to respond in any way which is a huge shame. Perhsodw you could take up the name to persuade him? I have tried fur over a year without getting abusive but no response

Jon Norris

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I am in regular contact with Gary at Kuler via email without any trouble at all. I use the contact form on his website and he responds quite quickly. (https://kuler.solutions)

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I just sent my request via the form at the bottom of the provided link a moment ago. I used the email address next to the form over the weekend, but haven’t received a reply to that, yet.

Just invited @Gary to this thread.

Lets hope! It would certainly help me immensely if he added the pagination that exists in the ordinary stacks into the pro stack. It would finish off the job that the stacks do and make them perfect


The PRO stack does not employ help from DataTables.js like the baseTable stack does. It was designed to not assume or infringe on what the user was trying to accomplish on their page. The baseTable stack, on the other hand, has training wheels to make things was easy as possible for users to have tabular data from their db on their website.

Sounds to me what you are asking is for there to be a “PRO” table stack in addition to the “PRO” stack. Because of the way the stacks are uniquely designed you can not just dump the DataTables.js library into the PRO stack and it work, you have to build it with that in mind.

I would be happy to work on a new stack to add to the set.


Terribly sorry you feel that way, I respond to dozens of support requests each day and until Mike’s email this week, I can not find an instance where anyone had ever asked about this as a feature.

FTR, I stopped using these forums regularly 5-6 years ago after being scolded for announcing a new product in the wrong thread. I only ever really check it when someone pings me in a conversation. However, I do check my email each day and respond (at least try) to each of them.

Hi Mike,

Regarding your email, I must confess, was a bit confusing to try and figure out what you were asking. You kept saying something about the WHERE clause. I believe I asked if you should supply me with an example of how you were trying to use the clause and with what other clauses so I could try to sort it on my end.

Is what you are asking for, for there to be a PRO baseTable stack in addition to the PRO stack? If so, then I could probably make that happen.

HI Gary. I requested your Pro stack years ago and you duly delivered, so I could do my own sql queries. My problem was not layout or any of the simple problems that your other stacks deliver on - purely that if I got 1000 results I needed to deal with them in chunks. Hence pagination (if that is the right word). Not sure where to cut into a stack to add the necessary php code for the loop and thus hoped you could simply inject it…
I know, it isn’t that Simple!

By the way, I don’t “feel that way” not angry or anything. Touch frustrated but, hell, you don’t make a fortune out of this set, I bet, so truly grateful for what you have done. :hugs:

Hi Gary -

Sorry, I never saw your reply. I just checked my spam, as well. I appreciate you responding here. Let’s just stick with the pagination request for the Pro table and ignore the WHERE comment. So, yeah, a Pro Base Table stack would be what I’m after.

Thanks again.

Hi Gary -

One other thing I’d like to see, if you could work it in …

If there was an option to filter by data that is in a specific column, along the lines of what you can do in Excel filters when you filter on the data in a column. Something along the lines of, if the First name column contains Mike, Jon, Gary, etc., I’d like to be able to select Gary and have the data just show folks with the first name of Gary. States, countries, professions, etc., would be more practical examples.


I think that that can be done with the dataTbles.js library … I will need to go back and review it though. If so, I will add it in.

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Gosh I’m no expert at all but isn’t that done simply with a query in the pro stack? I use it to search a database of 20,000 books and list them on 80 different menu pages filtering by keywords. Maybe that’s not what you meant.

@jnorris235, @teefers, @MGS, @mp1963, @josehwitz - Just wanted to offer a quick update …

I’ve got a PRO Tables stack about 3/5th’s complete. It was a little easier than I thought it would be.

It includes the sorting like in the BaseTable stack, pagination, fixed header row, scrolling, and some other features.


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That’s great news, Gary. Many thanks for the update.

Gosh that sounds good! All I want is pagination in the PRO stack since the Pro stack does everything and lets me draw on the database and display 18 bits of information including images, long description, price etc. how I want it displayed (not like the Table stack)

@jnorris235, @teefers, @MGS, @mp1963, @josehwitz - Just another quick update on the progress …

A LOT of progress was made last week and so far this week. Several feature enhancement including:

  • A smaller footprint under the hood. Because of some of the enhancements made to the Stacks plugin itself there are some things I can now do that I wasn’t able to do previously. One of the added benefits is that the stack itself is able to use a cdn to serve the datatables.js and datatables.css files and I no longer have to include them in the stack. This results in speed increase when viewing in edit mode.
  • Some more styling options that give you more control over how your table displays its content
  • Pagination (of course, I mean that is what started this whole conversation)

I want to be able to include the ability to save as a csv, pdf, or print … this was a feature that was in the very first version of the stack a few years ago but I had to take it out because the included js was really taxing the webpage. However, the framework now has a much cleaner way of handling that and it means I an re-introduce that feature. I hope to have it in the Pro Table upon release.