Lander theme displays 404 on the iphone

(Mike) #1

Lander theme displays fine on smart phone, pad, desktop views in Preview. When published, a 404 message is returned on an iPhone, or on Samsung pad, but works fine on iPad. Bugged by this inconsistency. Help appreciated. Thanks.

(Robert Ziebol πŸ––πŸΌ) #2

A URL to your site will help people help you.

(Mike) #3

Of course! My bad.


(Mike) #4

To further clatify the problem. Using the iPhone browser on this url hinabi will return a 404 error message; also on Androids

(Jason Bostick) #5

Your root domain ( works for me on mobile, but I see the same 404 error on your sub-page (

Have you checked with the host? That doesn’t seem like it would be theme related to me (unless Lander comes with some mobile-only options).

(Mike) #6

Good call Jason. I called the web host. They had to adjust the htaccess. Works fine now.
Thanks for the tip!!!

(system) #7

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