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Hello Guys, I’m working on a e-commerce for my web site. As an e-commerce platform recently I tried Ecwid, Ecwid has a dedicated plug in for rapidweaver and the work flow is really stunning. I’m searching now for a land pages generator as Instapage or lead pages, having a similar integration with rapidweaver. Anybody have had any experience about…? Thanks, Giuseppe Guicciardi

Not sure if I understand what you’re looking for?

If you’re using stacks, there’s a complete set of stacks made for Ecwid by @RicardoR

I don’t have them, so I can’t tell you much about them, but worth checking out.

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Thanks Doug, this interesting and I’ll probably buy it.
But, what I was asking for is if anybody knows a land page generator as INSTAPAGE with rapidweaver integration. INSTAPAGE for example has a dedicated wordpress plugin.

Why not just build your landing pages in RW?


Hi @beepweaver,

Let me know if I can answer any questions about my Ecwid stacks.
Also, as for building a landing page, I agree with @swilliam, you can just one with Rapidweaver. You can choose from many different stacks or framework, many of which are free, for both the landing page or with the Ecwid stacks. The sample Ecwid store is done with UIKit3 from Archetypon.



Hello Ricardo, something wrong with the link of your web site, the browser does not allow the connection because of privacy risk…?

A lot of we agency work with instapage, instapage has the possibility to create the pages with “blocks” very similar to rapid weaver, but, what I thought was about the optimisation with FB, Google and else, could be more efficient… Am I wrong?

Get into your web site with then link provide by Doug Bennet… no problems with that link.
look interesting, let me study…

Ricardo, many links on you web site are broken…

You can certianly add all the SEO stuff you could possibly want using RW. That includes the og Tags used by the social sites.

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Hi Giuseppe ,

I’ve looked at the site and don’t see any broken links. Would you mind letting me know which? I have some links disabled on purpose at this time.




Hi there,

For some reason the SSL certificate did not update for subdomains such as

I have it fixed now, thanks for the heads up.




Hello Ricardo, I’m struggling with the front store, I have to modify some things and I don’t know which of your stacks I have to use. Maybe tomorrow. I know that’s Sunday :slight_smile:

Hello Giuseppe,

Did you receive the project that I sent you yesterday via email?
Are you using (or have) any stacks framework, such as UIKit3, Foundation, Platform etc?

Let me know what are your specific questions, I’ll be more than happy to help you.



Yes Ricardo, I received it but I work with a Nick Cates Aspen Theme. Apart this, I’m doing some test, I have activated another stacks page with your stacks. The Only problem is that the category description disappear, see attachment. Have I to remove the page with the other shop, or have I to maintain it with show page unflagged…?

Hi Giuseppe,

Just change the color of the fonts for the “categories” in the Ecwid Customizer, see attached images below:


Or just uncheck the “enable category page colors” to use the default store colors.

For testing purposes, place the Ecwid customizer on a page with the Ecwid Store stack, but not in a partial, and select preview mode and play with the advanced customization settings.



Good morning Ricardo, I have to solve one things really urgent, may we chat 5 minutes on Skype or else? Thanks. Skypename: ARCHITRION

Good morning Giuseppe,

I will be available at 11am EST.
Does that work for you? I can WhatsApp you as soon as I’m available if I’m done earlier.

Could you email me your project before our meeting? It might be helpful